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      on Google Jul 05, 2019
Nallyh Amandah B.
Great company and the staffs are very nice specially Shannon 👍🏻
Business Response:
Thank you so much! We appreciate you and all your hard work!

      on Google Jul 02, 2019
Dawn Thomas
Worked for this company for over a year or should I say been with my work family for over a year! Definitely recommend to all dedicated, hard working nurses to come join our family. Staff is friendly and we work well together. You will never be alone because either your working in same place as other staff or your only a quick call away. Always some great incentive or just some creative way that staff is showed appreciation when you come in the office and basically every holiday. Your skills and training will be kept updated in a fun up beat environment!
Business Response:
Dawn - we very much appreciate you posting this amazing comment! We work so hard to create the environment you described so well. We are so happy to have you as a part of our family!

      on Google Jun 28, 2019
British Taylor
Pretty cool agency Very helpful A job is guaranteed with them
Business Response:
Thank you! We appreciate you sending these kind words!

      on Google Jun 28, 2019
Kelsey Hammer

      on Google Jun 25, 2019
Talonga Nji
Been with the company over a year. Great company
Business Response:
Thanks Talonga! We very much appreciate you posting this!

      on Google Jun 25, 2019
Candace Anderson
I really enjoy working for Nurses and More. Alot of flexibility and the pay is great. You are not obligated to accept cases. You pick your own schedule. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend the company to anyone I know and I have.
Business Response:
Thanks Candace! Your kind words mean the world to us!

      on Google Jun 24, 2019
christina smedley

      on Google Jun 24, 2019
S Holt
They are very helpful and i am happy to be working for nurses and more...
Business Response:
Thanks for the kind words!

      on Google Jun 24, 2019
Gabriall Fletcher
Great company to work for! Very flexible with making your schedule, the office staff is always kind and willing to help! Highly recommend this staffing agency above the rest! Very happy with them and my job through them.
Business Response:
Thanks Gabriall! We work so hard to provide the very experience you outlined and are so pleased to hear that you are happy with Nurses and More!

      on Google May 29, 2019
Michelle Lewis

      on Google May 24, 2019
Chris Nichols
Then with the Lafayette branch a couple years now. Sense I’ve been with the Lafayette branch, staff has been wonderful. Scheduling and hours, If anyone knows about staffing, They know it sometimes gets hectic. Yet, They have been very understanding and flexible with my schedule. Pay rate and compensation, As comparative with the pay rate for most agencies they are just as competitive, pay rate is good! Travel time, Anywhere from 15 minutes to an 1 hour For Me... How I feel when I walk into the place, Warm, With the feel of treat others as you want to be treated....they just talk to me as if I am a human, not just someone on their payroll they can make a buck off of... Thank you N&M Staff of Lafayette for letting me walk with you
Business Response:
Chris - thank you so much for sharing your experience with Nurses and More. We try so hard to create a great working environment for our team members and your explanation above means the world to us! Thank you!

      on Google May 24, 2019
Princess Green
I’ve been working with Nurses And More for six years and they are the only agency that I have work for, The staff is awesome they always take care of me. (Love you guys always )
Business Response:
We very much appreciate you! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!

      on Google May 23, 2019
Monique Adams
Nurses and More, a wonderful company to work for they listen and are very supportive of their employees. Not only are the clients number ONE with this company but so are the employees!!! Going on 7years...
Business Response:
Thanks Monique! We truly appreciate all your handwork and dedication. You are a great asset to our team!

      on Google May 22, 2019
Anita Slaughter
Great company to work for and the staff is especially helpful. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a good company to consider Nurses and More.
Business Response:
Thanks Anita! We appreciate you taking the time to write these kind words!

      on Google May 07, 2019
Valerie King
Awesome company to work for!
Business Response:
Thanks Valerie!

      on Google May 05, 2019
Yshambly Shambly50

      on Google May 04, 2019
Sonya Ruffin
Friendly, supportive staff is readily available to answer questions regarding staffing, and any work related challenges.

      on Google May 03, 2019
Gwendolyn Gregory
I had enjoyed work for the company. The office staff is wonderful and very supportive. I look forward to working with them next school session.

      on Google May 02, 2019
jazmine williams
This is the best company to work for. The staff is amazing!! Pay rate is excellent! I am overall very happy to work for them!

      on Google May 02, 2019
yolanda neely
From the moment I walked in the doors I knew this was the environment I wanted to be in. I absolutely love being apart of Nurses and More.
Business Response:
Yolanda - thank you so much for taking the time to share your kind words. We appreciate all that you do for our clients!

      on Google May 02, 2019
Kenisha Sullivan

      on Google Apr 30, 2019

      on Google Apr 29, 2019
Deirdre Watts
I have been employed with Nurses and More for over 10years and the experience has been phenomenal. Flexible work hours and great pay options. I can’t explain the care they give to their staff and clients. Everyone is accredited and if not they help you in getting it completed. They go above and beyond to recognize good workers and give great gifts for employee appreciation, nurses week and throughout the year just because-the massages are to die for. Front office staff are professional and always makes sure we have a great time and fun during office luncheons and give aways. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.
Business Response:
Deirdre - we really appreciate the amazing feedback! We really work hard to ensure our team members feel valued and enjoy working for Nurses and More. It's always great to hear such positive words from employees such as yourself. We appreciate you!!!

      on Google Apr 29, 2019
Ty Kanease
I love working for Nurses & More. The office staff is AMAZING & extremely polite. They are very informative and ensure they provide you as much information as possible to set you up for success.
Business Response:
Thanks Ty! We love having you on our team!

      on Google Apr 29, 2019
Tanasha York

      on Google Apr 29, 2019
pamela lee

      on Google Apr 07, 2019
Ryan Thomas

      on Google Mar 29, 2019
thomas duncan

      on Google Mar 28, 2019
Jacquelin Chambers

      on Google Mar 27, 2019
Holly S
I Love Nurses and More! I work for the Lafayette Branch and everyone is so friendly and helpful there. They treat you like family and are very supportive of their employees. I would highly recommend them.
Business Response:
Thank you Holly for your wonderful comment. We greatly appreciate you.

      on Google Mar 27, 2019
Laura Mode
Some of the most dedicated people I have had the privilege to know and grow to love. There isn’t a work place out there that shows such love and appreciation to its staff and would go above and beyond for patient care and staff alike.

      on Google Mar 27, 2019
Miss Gina
I have worked as a nurse for Nurses and More for the past 5 years as a pediatric nurse. The office staff is wonderful, supportive, and professional. I have been a nurse for 27 years and this has been my favorite place to work for.
Business Response:
Thank you so much for posting such kind words! We appreciate all you do for Nurses and More and our clients!

      on Google Mar 25, 2019
Tracey Campbell
I love working for nurses and more, the flexibility is awesome and the staff is wonderful...
Business Response:
Tracey, Thank you for your comment and support. We appreciate you!

      on Google Mar 07, 2019
Natashia Brown
Wonderful company with great staff on board.

      on Google Mar 04, 2019
Gail C
Great company to work for. Ongoing training is emphasized and the staff are great to work with.

      on Google Mar 04, 2019
Kandy Colbert
Awesome company to work for ! Competitive Wages , lots of time off and working with our sweet peds patients usually doesn’t even feel like work ! The Staff is also very professional and so friendly , we’re a big nurses and more family 😊

      on Google Mar 03, 2019
Laricka Dulin
Nurses and More is a great place to work. They keep you working and the pay is good with flexible hours. A proud employee for 9 years.
Business Response:
Thanks Laricka! We are so lucky to have you on our team!

      on Google Mar 03, 2019
samantha Escobar

      on Google Mar 02, 2019
Angela Fischer

      on Google Mar 01, 2019
Evelyn Quinones

      on Google Mar 01, 2019
Kristina Geffrard

      on Google Mar 01, 2019
Cortney Butler

      on Google Mar 01, 2019
shana dale
Great company !!!
Business Response:
Thanks Shana! We appreciate you taking the time to give us the good feedback!

      on Google Mar 01, 2019
ernelie baker

      on Google Feb 28, 2019
Vivienne Christ
Wonderful company with great positive feedback!!
Business Response:
Thanks Vivienne! We truly appreciate this positive review!

      on Google Feb 22, 2019
Anita Salgado
Nurses and more has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and growth in the homecare field. Coming into nurses and more with no homecare experience, definitely has giving me the confidence to take on any and everything. I have met a lot of great individuals and grew professional relationships with. My time here with nurses and more has been nothing but hard work and dedication to not only my position but the growth of the company. If you are looking for work in the homecare field and is Caring, Reliable Energetic and passionate and loves working in the healthcare field, Than I recommend nurses and more!
Business Response:
Anita - thank you so much for this thoughtful note. We appreciate all that you do and we are grateful to have you on our team!

      on Google Feb 05, 2019
My experience has been by far incredible here with this company. Nothing like any of the negative post. When I say Nurses and More has treated me like family and been so uplifting. My training was thorough and very educational. I feel confident in my day to day assignments. Definitely would recommend.
Business Response:
Thanks for the kind words Tahirih! We are grateful that you took the time to post this review and we appreciate everything you do for our team and our clients!

      on Google Feb 05, 2019
Tahirih O'Neal
My experience has been by far incredible here with this company. Nothing like any of the negative post. When I say Nurses and More has treated me like family and been so uplifting. My training was thorough and very educational. I feel confident in my day to day assignments. Definitely would recommend.
Business Response:
Thanks for the kind words Tahirih! We are grateful that you took the time to post this review and we appreciate everything you do for our team and our clients!

      on Google Jan 30, 2019
Shannon Kersey
Office and scheduling staff super helpful and communicates thoroughly. Nursing staff consistent and easy to train and work with!

      on Google Jan 29, 2019
Aj Brase
Been with these guys 11 years

      on Google Jan 28, 2019
Marjorie Mohr

      on Google Dec 22, 2018
Yronise Georges
Nurses and more has provided me with great benefits and excellent resources. The staff is easily accessible and provides great services. This is the best company to work for.

      on Google Dec 05, 2018
Andreca Dawkins
I love working for this company. The staff is the greatest they always keep you in the loop of whatever's going on with the company. It is a very good company towork for. And would recommend all my family and friends if they ever need any homecare service Nurses And More is the way to go.

      on Google Nov 19, 2018
marian cezair

      on Google Aug 08, 2018
Irah crockett
Business Response:
Irah, thank you for the feedback. We are sorry to hear that you feel you were given a bad impression. We don’t like to hear that our employees are treated anyway except for great! One of the things we hear most from our employees and clients is that they love working with our office, and enjoy speaking with our office staff (many of who have been with our company for over 10 years). We want you to feel the same way. Thank for you reaching out to us so that we can improve our customer service to you.

Health Facility Staffing Testimonials

“Our experience with them has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s almost as if they’re at my beck and call at any time of the day, and the staff and clinical director go above and beyond, probably much more frequently than I’m even aware of, to make sure students receive the support they require. They’re really dedicated professionals, and they make sure they provide dedicated services to our students.”

Nancy H., Services for: School System

“Nurses and More’s responsiveness is their greatest strength. From the moment you make a request, someone is either available right away or they respond very quickly. The service feels personalized, and the staff is easy to talk to and to work with. We’ve always been very happy with them.”

Emilee T., Services for: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facility
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“We’ve always been very happy with Nurses and More. They do what we need them to do, and they do it very well. The communication is very good, and I would highly recommend them. In fact, if we didn’t have a non-compete clause, I’d hire three or four of their people on the spot. How’s that for a testimonial?”

Renita J., Services for: Resident Home

“We never had a bad experience with them, and we were always very happy with what they did. I think they’re best at getting the right employees. If an agency doesn’t get the right nurses in there, I don’t care what their administration is like, but with Nurses and More we never worried. We felt comfortable with Roger and what his staff offered us.”

Pat P., Services for: Homecare
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