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      on Google Jun 17, 2020
Stephanie Pressler
I work with N&M as they help to staff my building. They send some absolute wonderful nurses and CNAs. They are very helpful with getting people to my building. They are always available in a time of need and do their very best to keep our building staffed. Friendly and wonderful office staff!
Business Response:
Thank you so much Stephanie! We strive so hard to provide the exact level of service you described. Thank you for sharing your experience!

      on Google Jun 15, 2020
Meghan Price
Thomas D. is excellent with everything!!! Extremely helpful with staffing our office even on very short notice!!! I highly recommend!!! They do a fantastic job, and have great communication skills!!
Business Response:
Thank you so much Meghan! We truly appreciate you taking the time to post these kind words!

      on Google May 04, 2020
Tiona Richardson
Love this company!!!! I just moved to the area and was looking for a great company to work with. Nurses and More got my hiring process done quickly and efficiently! As soon as I was hired on, they put me right to work! Love that they have multiple shifts and locations to choose from! Also, Any time I have a concern, there are MULTIPLE people in the office to assist me! I learned very quickly that they look out for their employees from day 1! They communicate with me on a regular basis about what’s going on with jobs, the current healthcare crisis, keeping myself safe as a nurse, etc!!!! Love Nurses and More! I’d recommend this company to any CNA , LPN, or RN!

      on Google Apr 17, 2020
R. M.
Words can not express how amazing this company is to work for. The staff in the office are the most understanding, compassionate people you can ever hope to work for. They will only assign you what you’re willing to work and at what nursing level your comfortable with. The patients and family are so wonderful it makes going to work that much more rewarding. The pay is competitive and they are very good about yearly raises at your review. I highly recommend Nurses And More even as a second job if needed. Thank you to all the ladies in the office for everything you do for us.

      on Google Feb 25, 2020
Harley Gray

      on Google Jan 30, 2020
Kristy Joassaint

      on Google Jan 26, 2020
Eartha Nedd Daniel

      on Google Dec 23, 2019
Melissa Navarre

      on Google Dec 21, 2019
Lynn Garland

      on Google Dec 03, 2019
De Watson
Wow, A plus service from Nurses & More from the start!! Professionalism at it's best from phone call inception with Customer Service speaking with Natalie/Kathy & Shalana to My Home Health Nurse - Dawn arriving at My door on time and ready to take care of My wound. My nurse comes to My home twice a day, she is very flexible with Her schedule and I know she genuinely cares and it's not just a job! carecares!
Business Response:
Thank you so much for taking the time to send these kind words! We just love hearing feedback like this and will be sure to pass this on to the team!

      on Google Oct 18, 2019
Tina Martinez

      on Google Oct 06, 2019
Abby Mcnulty

      on Google Oct 04, 2019
Stephanie Hampton

      on Google Oct 01, 2019
Bud Dorfman
We had a great experience with Shannon from the Nurses and More. She was friendly and knowledgeable and intent on helping us with our immediate request. We had very specific requests, and the nurse she staffed exceeded our expectations. She gave our client very special care, and was attentive and professional. We would not hesitate to work with Nurses and More (and especially Shannon) again
Business Response:
Thanks Bud! We truly appreciate you taking the time to send these kind words. We will be sure to pass this on to Shannon as well.

      on Google Sep 30, 2019
SieAnna Wright
I LOVE working at nurses and more especially becauseI can base my schedule around my kids and life outside of work. And we have some of the sweetest clients
Business Response:
Thanks SieAnna! We strive so hard to provide our employees with the schedules they need to balance work and family. It's always great to hear experiences like yours!

      on Google Aug 29, 2019
Alina S
Nurses and More is a great company to work for. They care so much for all their Nurses and CNA's and make sure that everything goes smoothly for everyone. The Charlotte office is filled with amazing hard working people and I am very thankful and blessed I get to work with them on a daily basis. I am so grateful for all the wonderful staff we have and appreciate all the hard work they always put in.
Business Response:
Thanks Alina! We very much appreciate all your hardwork and dedication. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how happy you are with Nurses and More!

      on Google Aug 03, 2019
Rakeria Holly
I absolutely love working for Nurses and More. I’ve been with the company for 6+ months now and it’s one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for.
Business Response:
Thanks Rakeria! We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying your time with Nurses and More!

      on Google Aug 03, 2019
Mathlene Youmans
I am very happy to work with this company. The management teams of different department are great. They care about you and how you are treated on your assignment. They communication is great with you. My management team person is Lenora Crumbley. She has been there for me from day one. Helping me to reach my goals and hours. She never had a bad attitude toward me. She always check into things if I had a problem with a client. She make me want to continuously work for Nurses and More. I can't say anything bad about this company. I am grateful to this company, for giving me an opportunity to represent them.
Business Response:
Thank you so much Mathlene! We're so happy to hear feedback just like this! We appreciate everything you do for our team and our clients!

      on Google Aug 02, 2019
Nickitra Garrett

      on Google Aug 01, 2019
carmen turnley
I've been with the company over 11 years I love each and every one of my co-workers that I've come across you're always professional you always try to go above and beyond your way to make our cars needs be met I appreciate you my company and co-workers have stood beside me and some of my hardest times so for that I say thank you and for that I let everyone know that nurses and more is a family as well as a business
Business Response:
Carmen - your words mean the world to us! Thank you so much for being a part of the family!

      on Google Jul 30, 2019
Irene White
I’ve been with the company for a couple of years now and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. The staff at Nurses and More are friendly and professional and always ensure that I am well prepared for any new assignments. They also go above and beyond to show their appreciation for the employees by hosting several staff appreciation days, giveaways and not to mention they provide great pay!
Business Response:
Thanks Irene! We absolutely love hearing feedback like this! We appreciate all you do for our team and clients.

      on Google Jul 30, 2019
Becky Hannowsky
Great place to work. Caring staff, lots of options & just what I needed- Thanks Nurses & More!
Business Response:
Thank you so much Becky for choosing Nurses and More! We greatly appreciate you!

      on Google Jul 30, 2019
jessica funkhouser
I definitely love working for Nurse and More, Inc.! The flexibility in the schedule and knowing you can have more time spent with with your family and still provide for them is so awesome! I like the fact that I have the ability to work when I need to and if i need days off, I dont schedule myself to work those days! The office staff is always communicating with you with what they need from you or if you need anything there is someone always to talk to! I reccomend this company to anyone who is looking for a job!
Business Response:
Thanks Jessica! We appreciate your kind words and all that you do for our team and our clients!

Health Facility Staffing Testimonials

“Our experience with them has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s almost as if they’re at my beck and call at any time of the day, and the staff and clinical director go above and beyond, probably much more frequently than I’m even aware of, to make sure students receive the support they require. They’re really dedicated professionals, and they make sure they provide dedicated services to our students.”

Nancy H., Services for: School System

“Nurses and More’s responsiveness is their greatest strength. From the moment you make a request, someone is either available right away or they respond very quickly. The service feels personalized, and the staff is easy to talk to and to work with. We’ve always been very happy with them.”

Emilee T., Services for: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facility
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“We’ve always been very happy with Nurses and More. They do what we need them to do, and they do it very well. The communication is very good, and I would highly recommend them. In fact, if we didn’t have a non-compete clause, I’d hire three or four of their people on the spot. How’s that for a testimonial?”

Renita J., Services for: Resident Home

“We never had a bad experience with them, and we were always very happy with what they did. I think they’re best at getting the right employees. If an agency doesn’t get the right nurses in there, I don’t care what their administration is like, but with Nurses and More we never worried. We felt comfortable with Roger and what his staff offered us.”

Pat P., Services for: Homecare
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