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      on Google Nov 24, 2021
mary maher
I just started fairly recent with this company and they are very kind and professional and always very helpful with any questions that you may have. I feel very confident with the staff in the Charlotte office and I am very happy with the decision I made to come aboard
Business Response:
Thank you so much for the kind words Mary! We are so happy to have you as part of the Nurses and More team!

      on Google Sep 30, 2021
I have been working for Nurses and More for over 13yr.s on an off Great staff love it here Everbody is always friendly.
Business Response:
Thank you Sharen! We are so grateful to have had you on our team for so many years. You are truly appreciated!

      on Google Sep 28, 2021
lindsey kernstein
love the 3 ladies in office, very professional, appreciative, and caring. they’re more than your bosses, they’re family. so so so grateful and glad i have this opportunity to work for such great people. 🤍
Business Response:
Thank you for the kind words Lindsey! We're so happy to have you be a part of the Nurses and More family!

      on Google Jul 26, 2021
tatiana patino
Best place, best people, best everything!!! Love the experience and dedicated professionals that work to make the best experiences ever.
Business Response:
Thank you Tatiana! We truly appreciate all your hard work - we love having you as part of the team!

      on Google Jul 05, 2021
Kristan Fleming
They are very organized and professional, my interaction with everyone in the Charlotte office is extremely positive. I would highly recommend this company, I truly believe they are the best at what they all do. Communication is key with any employer and they definitely have a leg up on the competition, I found they also have excellent follow through and support their employees! Great company!
Business Response:
Thank you Kristan! We appreciate this amazing feedback and are so happy to hear that your experience with our team has been so positive. Thank you for all you do for our clients!

      on Google Jun 10, 2021
Jennifer Neu
This is an amazing company to work for. They have been kind and professional. I’ve been a nurse since 2007 and this is by far the best job I’ve ever had. They expect your best and give you their best in return. Be prepared to have your skills and experience appreciated and acknowledged. Management sets the gold standard for how their employees are educated, prepared, and empowered.
Business Response:
Thank you Jennifer! We appreciate all your hard work and dedication. You summed up our culture beautifully!

      on Google Apr 30, 2021
Kaira Cannon

      on Google Apr 30, 2021
Phylicia Phillips

      on Google Mar 23, 2021
Ashley Belk

      on Google Mar 23, 2021
Atia Burgess
While I just started. everyone has been very informational and welcoming. Looking forwarding to working for Nurses and More.
Business Response:
Thank you Atia! We're so happy to have you join our team!

      on Google Mar 23, 2021
Werlinda Ekola
The standard of the company values for professional, morally, and ethical are set up for above and beyond to deliver help to assist facilities staffing needs. I am please to be apart of their team because when I need to talk to someone who is on call in the office anytime of the day I get assistance support that I need, like someone who make me feel like you hear what I am saying I got it, I got you! I don't have to beg for them to listen to me without judging. I am kind a employee that I work for you, I will uphold our company values while maintaining the pride and dignity to whom who I serve through....to deliver the best healthcare staffing in the mid-west. Yeah, Nurses and More , office staffs work professionally, I do not feel pressure at all. It's a great company to be, if you are willing to work right with good manners and right conduct.
Business Response:
Thank you Werlinda! We truly appreciate you taking the time to post this great feedback!

      on Google Mar 23, 2021
Patrice Fuller

      on Google Mar 23, 2021
brandon paluba
As an experience RN, working for this place is top notch. They had me started and working very quickly. Their communication and friendliness is unparalleled. I immediately felt part of the team. 10/10 recommend!
Business Response:
Thank you Brandon! We appreciate all your hardwork and enjoy having you as part of the Nurses and More team!

      on Google Mar 19, 2021
Maritza Santiago
It is the company where they have the best health professionals to serve patients with knowledge, dedication and love. In the office they work with great care towards clients and their employees, they all work in harmony and go the extra mile for the good of the patients.
Business Response:
Thank you Maritza! We appreciate the positive feedback! We strive so hard to provide the highest level of care and compassion for our clients and we truly appreciate all the dedication our team members have.

      on Google Mar 18, 2021
Feline Damour
A patient-oriented and professional organization!
Business Response:
Thank you very much! We truly appreciate the kind words.

      on Google Feb 25, 2021
juanita pyant
Pleasant ; helpful office staff. Supportive all the time.
Business Response:
Thank you Juanita! We appreciate the great feedback!

      on Google Feb 24, 2021
Jessica Hower
Nurses & more is a great company to work for. They’re very supportive of staff and at providing us with the information needed for our assignments.
Business Response:
Thank you Jessica! We appreciate all that you do for our team and our clients!

      on Google Feb 07, 2021
Priscilla Harder
Amazing, professional team! Staffing in a pinch with professional nurses.
Business Response:
Thank you Priscilla! We appreciate the kind words and are so glad we are able to provide for all your staffing needs!

      on Google Jan 28, 2021
Elisa Anderson

      on Google Jan 25, 2021
Kimberly Mattox

      on Google Jan 22, 2021
Lorrie Harmon

      on Google Jan 17, 2021
Janie Crank
The staff at the Charlotte, NC are very professional. They always ensure that employees are well informed and prepared for assignments. Looking forward to continuing working with staff.
Business Response:
Thank you Janie! We appreciate you putting your trust in Nurses and More and we look forward to continuing to assist you with your staffing needs!

      on Google Dec 29, 2020
Celeste Zamor

      on Google Dec 29, 2020
I Sought For A Man/ Angela C Smith
I've only worked for Nurses and More for a few weeks, but they seem to be a nice group of people to work for. I've not had any bad experiences yet.
Business Response:
Thank you so much for the kind words! We're so glad you've had positive experiences with Nurses and More.

      on Google Dec 28, 2020
Paula Burke
"I've been totally pleased with my Nurses and More experience. I have not met any of the private duty nurses personally so I can only assume they are each doing an excellent job. I have not received any complaints. Avis Jenkins has been my contact and she's been a blessing. She been courteous and resourceful in meeting my staffing needs. I have also had some come contact with Melissa who has always been courteous. I've used your service 3 times now for a period of several days to several weeks at a time and have been impressed each time. When/if the need arises again, I will certainly call Nurses and More. Feel free to use my review and my name ."

Health Facility Staffing Testimonials

“Our experience with them has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s almost as if they’re at my beck and call at any time of the day, and the staff and clinical director go above and beyond, probably much more frequently than I’m even aware of, to make sure students receive the support they require. They’re really dedicated professionals, and they make sure they provide dedicated services to our students.”

Nancy H., Services for: School System

“Nurses and More’s responsiveness is their greatest strength. From the moment you make a request, someone is either available right away or they respond very quickly. The service feels personalized, and the staff is easy to talk to and to work with. We’ve always been very happy with them.”

Emilee T., Services for: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facility
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“We’ve always been very happy with Nurses and More. They do what we need them to do, and they do it very well. The communication is very good, and I would highly recommend them. In fact, if we didn’t have a non-compete clause, I’d hire three or four of their people on the spot. How’s that for a testimonial?”

Renita J., Services for: Resident Home

“We never had a bad experience with them, and we were always very happy with what they did. I think they’re best at getting the right employees. If an agency doesn’t get the right nurses in there, I don’t care what their administration is like, but with Nurses and More we never worried. We felt comfortable with Roger and what his staff offered us.”

Pat P., Services for: Homecare
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